This course is based on the premise that literature and art are produced within a broader cultural context, and that contemporary authors and visual artists draw not only from international theories of aesthetics and form, but also from each others’ production. In the contemporary moment, the distribution and dissemination of images and text through the web and social networking facilitates the interactions and overlaps that create a fertile discourse amongst young cultural producers today. In this class, the students will learn about newly established and up-and-coming writers and artists from Argentina and Mexico, examining not only their work and their online visibility, but also the institutional and discursive structures that facilitate and shape their production. Discussion will be in Spanish and at a high level, since it will involve direct communication with writers and artists from Latin America.

WEEK 1: INTRODUCTION:  (JAN 11) Pedro Reyes (Mexico) and Jorge Macchi (Argentina)

WEEK 2: (JAN 18) Ximena Berecochea Artist talk and screening of documentary film “Unfold”

WEEK 3: (JAN 25) Roberto de la Torre

WEEK 4: (FEB 1) Lucrecia Martel

WEEK 5: (FEB 8) Yoshua Okon


WEEK 7: (FEB 22) Mario Bellatín

WEEK 8: (FEB 29) Pola Oloixarac

WEEK 9: (MAR 7) Salvador Alanis, Luigi Amara and other contemporary Mexican poets

WEEK 10: (MAR 14)  Tumbona Press

WEEK 11: (MAR 21) Gachi Prieto

WEEK 12: (MAR 28) Research Blogs Workshop

WEEK 13: (APR 4) Conference


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